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Multi-nuclear DOSY utility. It does plain DOSY as you know it, but better resolved and faster! However, it allows you also to do synchronized DOSY with a pair of different nuclides, obviously on the same sample! Great help in sorting out mixtures.

MnDOSY 1.0.483

Full Description

MnDOSY (Multi-nuclear DOSY) is a specialized software package for processing NMR DOSY data. It allows processing of a single-nucleus DOSY dataset, as well as correlated processing of two DOSY datasets obtained with the same sample but two different nuclei such as, for example, 1H and 29Si.

The highlights of MnDOSY include, apart from the capability to correlate DOSY data for two different nuclei, a very high degree of automation. An MnDOSY user does not need to be an NMR expert. All spectra pre-processing is done automatically, and so is the fast DOSY transform. While MnDOSY provides access to the pre-processing choices for NMR experts, most MnDOSY users will use it as a black-box and rely on the utility’s intrinsic capability to choose and apply the most suitable processing methods.

MnDOSY presents an intuitive graphic interface and simple parameters settings. It allows the user to export the data in various formats and produces various kinds of reports, from a synthetic summary to extremely detailed, depending upon user-defined configurations. At present, MnDOSY reads only data acquired on Bruker NMR spectrometers, but we plan to extend this to instruments of any make, produced by any OEM.

MnDOSY is distributed by Extra Byte under license. After 30 days from the first access you will be asked to register to receive all payment details and then a valid license key.

MnDOSY development keeps growing, therefore new versions including more features will be released in future. Users’ feedback is very important, so you can just run the trial version and say to us what you think about it.