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About our Company

In its current form, established in January 2018, Extra Byte Snc builds on two decades of a one-man venture with the same name (except for the ‘Snc’), best known in the web-space under the nickname Stan’s Hub. We will continue that rich heredity and expand it further to the enhanced benefit of all our Partners, Customers and website Visitors.
Extra Byte is registered in Italy but operates and offers its services world-wide.

Our Mission

We strive for excellence in our activities, which embrace scientific and technical software, consulting, educational outreach, and our own scientific research.
In particular, they comprise:
  • Magnetic Resonance (software, hardware, and methods) in all its forms:
    • Spectroscopy (NMR) in-vitro and in-vivo
    • Relaxometry (MRR) in fixed as well as variable fields
    • Imaging (MRI)
  • Scientific computing algorithms and principles
  • Software libraries for STEM computing
  • Geothermal reservoirs dynamics
  • Research in pure and applied mathematics
  • Educational texts, tools and utilities

Our Team

Stanislav Sykora

Stanislav Sykora (Stan) currently works at Extra Byte of which he is an Associate (Partner). Stan’s original education is in Nuclear and Technical Physics and in Chemical Physics (PhD). However, since he lived though many seasons and thus has accumulated many interests and worked in many fields; particularly Magnetic Resonance in all its branches (spectroscopy since 1964, relaxometry, imaging, theory, technology, and applications), but also in Electrical Engineering, Software Development (since 1965), and Math (from Applied to Number Theory). Extra Byte has several open projects, the most important of which are ‘Automatic molecular structure verification (ASV) based on NMR spectra’ and the ‘Td-Relax NMR Relaxometry library’.

Ester Maria Vasini

Ester Maria Vasini (Ester) currently works at Extra Byte of which she is owner with Stanislav Sykora. Ester graduated in Physics (MS) and Environmental Engineer (PhD).

Ester has started her adventure with NMR in 2009 (BS), specializing mainly on Relaxometry and Imaging. For Extra Byte she is in charge for the management of the project ‘Td-Relax NMR Relaxometry library’.


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