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What can Extra Byte do for YOU? PART II

Welcome friends!

What can Extra Byte do for YOU? PART II

Suppose you have an NMR instrument (or maybe another spectrometer that produces transient time-domain signals) and you suspect that something is wrong with it, but it is subtle, not a clear total breakdown. We know that you know what we mean …

You will probably ask the instrument vendor for a service visit, but that may be very costly and in many cases of this kind it might not solve the problem.

We suggest that in such cases you might find it advantageous to contact us for a bit of preventive data-acquisition hardware consulting. You might not believe how many malfunctions can be understood just by analyzing the noise produced by the instrument – and many more by analyzing the signals from simple, known test samples (we will recommand which ones):

– Preamplifiers non-linearity,- Half-broken filters (antialising | digital | analog),
– Presence of spikes of various kinds and their likely sources,
– RF pulse phase control problems,
– Loss of signal dynamic range
– Inefficient or no S/N increase with scans accumulation,
– B0 field noise (from external sources or from unstable lock)
– Inter-band modulations,
– Excessive mirror peaks,
– Malfunction or oscillation of one of the shims
– etc

You contact us, tell us the details of your instrument and your suspicions, we instruct you what signals to acquire, you send the data to us, we run it through our softwares, draw our conclusions and send you a report. All confidential, of course.

If, in our opinion, there is no problem, you pay us just 100 $; otherwise, the invoice will be 1 k$.

Please, have also a look at Part I of this series: PART I

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