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Quality Policy

EXTRA BYTE has resolved to enforce an Integrated Quality Policy System in order to define, document, and disseminate the following objectives and commitments, both within and outside of the Company:


In order to assure the highest professional standards, EXTRA BYTE sought and obtained the EN ISO 9001 Certification, applicable to all our activities and, in particular, to the development of software and its applications. The EN ISO 9001 Certification rewards the Company’s constant, long time commitment to the request for high-level quality standards and to their maintenance.


This document highlights the company’s quality policy guidelines in order to disseminate and share the related objectives, and to involve all stakeholders (partners, employees, collaborators, customers, suppliers, trade union associations, public institutions, etc.) in achieving the set goals.


EXTRA BYTE dedicates maximum attention to quality, and undertakes to comply with all the requirements of reference standards, laws, and current regulations applicable to its sector of activity, to its operational reality, and to the commitments signed by the company.


The guiding principles of the company Quality Policy listed below are the foundation of the EXTRA BYTE’s ongoing quality improvement process:


  1. always pay utmost attention to the customer through periodic customer satisfaction surveys aimed at the verification of perceived quality of our products and services;
  2. design, organize and implement services and products in a manner to satisfy, in terms of quality, the needs and expectations of customers;
  3. always comply with the indications expressed by legal regulations pertinent to health, safety, hygiene, and environment, and even anticipate, where possible, current laws;
  4. disseminate, both within and outside of the company, a quality awareness and a workplace philosophy that safeguards health and safety;
  5. operate according to the principle of continuous improvement of company management systems, promoting the participation and mutual consultation between all interested parties;
  6. assure the protection of the health & safety of all company personnel, striving to:


– ensure working conditions that cannot in any way harm the health & safety of workers;


– combat all forms of discrimination, both in general and, in particular, at company premises;


– condemn any illegal conduct that might conflict with the dignity or physical and/or moral integrity of any person, both in general and, in particular, at company premises;


– fully and impartially apply national collective bargaining agreements to all employees, paying punctually the established salary and all due social security, welfare and insurance contributions;


  1. choose and use any equipment in a rational manner, taking into account its impact on the environment and its potential health and safety risks;
  2. develop, and keep updated, assessment criteria for workplace health & safety risks, and for management of those emergency situations that might endanger humans and/or have negative environmental effects;
  3. develop and extend information, communication, education and training processes and promote dialogue among the interested parties, in order to ensure an efficient and effective application of the integrated quality system;
  4. select suppliers and contractors on the basis of their ability to supply goods and services that comply with the requirements of the integrated quality system;
  5. develop appropriate control systems to monitor the quality level of the performed services and products, and the absence of health & safety risks and of any negative impacts on the company environment.

EXTRA BYTE, well aware that the achievement of the quality objectives needs an active collaboration of all interested parties, requires that this Quality Policy be shared by all company personnel. EXTRA BYTE constantly promotes the diffusion of the integrated policy among its employees, customers and suppliers.


This document will be a constant reference for periodic reviews of management systems, for evaluation of the achieved results and for the definition of new goals, coherently with the company strife for continuous improvement.


Date 31 May 2021

Extra Byte management – Ester Maria Vasini


Certified by mycert.it


Sistema di Gestione
Certificato ISO 9001:2015